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05 / 13 / 2020

Create a Family Friendly Time Capsule - Activity 3










       Running out of ideas to help keep your kids entertained at home during quarantine? Consider making a time capsule! A time capsule is an object that contains current day items including photos, article clippings, toys, or meaningful items. The purpose of a time capsule is so your future self can cherish and remember the times that have passed. You can keep it stored for 1, 5, or even 20 years. Time capsules are a great project to help kids remember the past while having fun! Help them “store” their memories in a safe place for their future self to visit years later.  How can you set up a time capsule? Check out our tips below! 


1.  Choose an object to store your valuables in.
2. Decorate your time capsule! Use colorful gems or stickers to make your time capsule come to life. 
3. Determine where you will place the time capsule. If indoors, be sure to store it in a place where you will easily find it in the future! 

     As your building your time capsule, be sure to download our Time Capsule activity.  As you complete filling your time capsule, take some time to write down how you are feeling in this week’s activity. Then, proceed to interview your parents. Your future self will look back and be curious to see how your parents kept busy during this time as well.  Once you are done “Interviewing Your Parents”, take some time to reflect on the Coronavirus pandemic and write a letter to your future self. Be sure to include what you have learned, any hobbies you have developed and how you have felt. To complete your time capsule, place this activity inside your time capsule and bury it in a safe place! 




Download our Time Capsule Activity here. 

You don't have to write anything on your Eye Level Treasure Map for completing this Activity. Don't have a treasure map? Join the Eye Level Treasure Hunt here!