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05 / 06 / 2020

Get Moving With an Indoor Obstacle Course - Activity 2

Get Moving With an Indoor Obstacle Course!

Overcome Obstacles with Eye Level!

    Indoor obstacle courses are a great way to get your family moving!  While it may be difficult for your kids to go outside and exercise, it is important to remember physical activity is a vital component in their growth and development. Obstacle courses may seem like an activity for children only, but it can help you and your kids enhance sequence and memory, ease stress and build teamworking skills! For this week’s activity, we encourage you and your family to put your minds to work and tumble! Let’s get moving with an indoor obstacle course!


Get creative! To set up your obstacle course, plan out different challenges or activities to move forward to the next challenge. As you set up the obstacle course, keep in mind the likes, dislikes, and challenges of your loved ones. This will help keep the activity engaging for everyone involved. Whether your kids are younger or older, there are various ways you can tailor the course to fit the whole family’s interests. Do your kids like soccer? Perhaps set up an area where they can kick a ball to another family member. Do you like golf? Set up a station where you can knock a golf ball into a goal. Looking for ideas on how to get started? Check out our tips below!


1. Crawl underneath a table.
2. Walk across a wooden plank to get to the other end.
3. Do 10 Jumping Jacks.
4. Set up a ball toss. Toss the balls into a basket or trashcan.
5. Climb a flight of stairs.
​6. High five a sibling in the beginning, end or middle of the course.​​


      The Coronavirus pandemic has left many gyms, outdoor playgrounds and parks closed to maintain social distancing and prevent the spread of the virus. This doesn’t mean your child can’t stay active—it just means you will have to look for creative methods to do so! Indoor obstacle courses are a great way to get your child moving. How have you set up your course?


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