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04 / 29 / 2020

Eye Level Virtual Field Trip - Activity 1

Virtual Field Trip

Let’s take a virtual field trip to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History!




Field trips are a great way to expose students to different cultures and history. And while places like zoos, museums and aquariums are closed in an effort to maintain social distancing, that does not mean the learning adventures have to stop. For this activity, we encourage you and your family to take a virtual field trip to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. No permission slips required!  


Visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History on Google Arts & Culture here. Once on the page, click the small yellow person icon on the right to “step into the museum.”


Walk around on your own or follow along with us below!


1. From the lobby, look to your left and you’ll see the Mammals hall. As you “walk” through this hall, don’t forget to look up! What do you see in sitting in the tree? Did you know the leopard can carry an animal of its own weight up a tree? This animal stores its food in trees so other animals can’t eat it first.


2. On the bottom of your screen, there are images from other areas of the museum. Do you see an image that looks like a caveman? Click on the image to view a reconstruction of a Homo Neanderthal. Take a closer look at the reconstruction. What can you find different in its facial appearance? Take turns guessing when this historic human relative was living.  


3. Lookout for the Acasta Gneiss display in the tour images at the bottom. Can you find it? This rock is known to be one of Earth’s oldest rocks with an age of 3.96 million years old! Click the card on the left of the screen that says “Acasta Gneiss” to get a closer look!


4. Can you find the “The Hooker Emerald Brooch" display in the images? Did you know this piece of jewelry has over 130 diamonds? Which location did it originate from?


5.  From the Hooker Brooch display, turn to your left and head into the Minerals and Gems exhibit. Marvel at the precious stones and minerals on display. If you stroll to the far end of the exhibit, can you find the Platinum Nuggets? (They can also be found in the tour images at the bottom of the screen.) Did you know these platinum nuggets are a rare find? What other element do they rival?



Want to visit the Museum of Modern Art next? Or see the White House from your dining room or bedroom? You can! The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is only one of the many museums available online for children to explore. There are thousands of resources online that are providing virtual tours of Museums and monumental landmarks. Google Arts & Culture has over 2,000 virtual tours for families to “visit” and learn something new. For those of you who are wondering how to keep your children engaged and learning, go on a virtual field trip. You can connect your children to the outside world from home with a click! What will your next adventure be?

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