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04 / 18 / 2022

22 Fun, Easy Ways To Celebrate Earth Day




There is only one Earth.  We must all do our part to keep our planet a safe, healthy place for every person, animal, and plant.


Since 1970, April 22 has been recognized as Earth Day.  It is a day focused on ways to keep our planet clean and thriving for the future generations. 


Each of us can take small steps every day to be proactive in our efforts to conserve resources.  Those small steps add up to big progress in protecting the environment.


To celebrate Earth Day, participate in an environmentally-friendly, educational activity. 


22 Fun, Easy Ways To Celebrate Earth Day


• Create a garden of plants, flowers, fruits, or vegetables
Plant a tree
Go for a family bike ride
Go for a family hike and observe nature
Have a nature scavenger hunt
Create a terrarium
Set up recycling bins
Use old newspapers and bottles to make arts and crafts projects
Collect leaves and sticks to make arts and crafts projects
Repurpose cardboard boxes for storage
Repurpose a juice carton to make a bird feeder
Keep a bucket outside to collect rainwater for watering indoor plants and flowers
Turn off lights when leaving a room
Close the faucet tightly to prevent water from dripping
Use natural sunlight rather than lamps
Use reusable tote bags instead of plastic bags or paper bags
Use reusable food containers instead of plastic bags and plastic wrap
Use reusable water bottles instead of plastic bottles
Use stainless steel straws instead of plastic straws
Have a plant-based meal
Visit a zoo or an aquarium
Read a book about animals

Encourage family members and friends to join you in protecting the Earth.  Go even further to involve your community.  Ask teachers if you and your classmates can plant a vegetable garden outside of your school.  Write to your town officials explaining that you’d like to organize a volunteer group to plant trees around your neighborhood.  Arrange to have recycling bins set up in local places like stores, restaurants, libraries, and community centers.    


These are just a few of many ways you can get involved on Earth Day and every day.  Visit to learn more! 





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