Your child’s Daily Study Routine
starts with Eye Level.

Did your child's study habits collapse due to the ongoing pandemic?
We can help rebuild your child's study routine through a systematic, small-step curriculum and 1:1 coaching.

We value every child’s potential in learning.

Eye Level expands children’s perspectives
by encouraging them to become self-motivated,
independent, and proactive learners.


Which program is right for my child?


Preschool to Early High School

Eye Level Math will take your child through a study area covering the basics of numbers all the way through critical thinking math which enables students to cultivate problem-solving capabilities.


Preschool to Early High School

Eye Level English is a comprehensive literacy program that helps learners develop effective communication skills and strong content knowledge by enhancing their literacy skills.


Ready to get started with Eye Level?
Follow the process below!


    Learn at an Eye Level Learning Center


    Online 1-on-1 Tutoring with a Teacher

  • 1. Online Registration
    Leave your information with the nearest participating learning center.
  • 2. Follow-up Call by Center
    The center manager will contact you to provide more detailed information about the program and also arrange a free diagnostic test for your child.
  • 3.On/Offline Diagnostic Test
    Your child will be asked to take the online or offline diagnostic test at the scheduled time.
    You will be able to see the results right away and receive consultation on your child's performance.
  • 4. Payment & Booklet Arrangement
    You will be guided on how to make a payment and how to access our booklets/contents.
  • 5. Learning Begins
    Your child will be learning with the set of booklets provided by the center and will receive coaching periodically at scheduled times. You will also receive updates on your child’s progress along the way.


Cassidy from Vancouver

Marvin from New Jersey

Mahima from Texas

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