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My name is Fanny Mixter, and I'm thrilled to introduce myself to you. With a rich cultural background that spans Nicaragua, New Jersey, and now Virginia since 2014, I bring a diverse perspective to education. My journey in teaching began in New Jersey, where I spent three rewarding years as an elementary school teacher before continuing my career in Virginia. Holding teaching licenses for grades K-6 in both Virginia and New Jersey, I am passionate about empowering students and instilling in them the confidence to excel.

As the owner of two Eye Level centers—one in Ashburn and the other in Alexandria—I am privileged to be part of a remarkable community. Eye Level's mission deeply resonates with me. We strive to establish a strong educational foundation that nurtures lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and problem solvers. Our goal is to empower each student to succeed not only in formal schooling but also in their future endeavors. Every day at Eye Level is filled with remarkable learning, growth, and progress. I'm excited to be a part of this journey and to connect with all the incredible families and children who make our community thrive.

Beyond the classroom, I am a proud parent of two wonderful children, Isaiah and Isabella. They inspire me daily to provide the best educational opportunities for every child. I am a proud alumni of Rutgers University, where I not only received an excellent education but also had the pleasure of meeting my husband, Ayo.

If you have any questions or would like to explore how Eye Level can benefit your child, please don't hesitate to reach out. I look forward to meeting you and embarking on this educational adventure together!


At Eye Level of Alexandria Learning Center, we are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of every child and providing a nurturing environment for their academic growth and life skills development. Our outstanding team of experienced and dedicated instructors works closely with students, offering individual attention and guidance throughout their learning journey. We tailor our programs to meet the unique needs and learning styles of each child, covering a comprehensive range of subjects including math, English, reading, writing, and critical thinking. Our carefully designed curriculum fosters a deep understanding of core concepts, ensuring a solid foundation for future academic success.

We believe in fostering a love for learning and empowering students to become independent thinkers and problem solvers. Through interactive and engaging teaching methods, we aim to instill confidence, curiosity, and a lifelong passion for knowledge in every child who walks through our doors. Parents are an integral part of our learning community, and we highly value open communication and collaboration. We provide regular progress updates and resources to support your child's learning journey at home. Join us at Eye Level of Alexandria Learning Center and let us guide your child on an educational adventure that will shape their future.

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We are an approved vendor for the Virginia K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant Program! 



How to create a positive learning environment for the children
A positive environment basically means a conducive, productive space for an individual to learn and grow. Since a young mind is not an empty vessel to fill, rather is an individual with choices and preferences, it is imperative to create a positive, happy space for young ones to learn and develop their skills and talents. In a nutshell, a positive environment may be key to acknowledging the child’s choices and enhance his/her inclination to receive knowledge.​.. Read More


Important Math Skills in Early Childhood
One wonders why would a renowned genius scientist, Albert Einstein need to equate all the knowledge in the world with the understanding of a six year old child. Is it because he was prone to his own eccentricities or did he actually have logic involved in this saying? The answer is simple. Learning occurs step by step. If the first few rungs are faulty, one cannot hope to climb the ladder without tripping or imbalance. If the basic fundamentals of the question “What” are unclear, one may forget the answers to “How” or “Why” of things.​.​.. Read More


10 Reasons Why Phonics Works
Reading is an essential skill that most children learn in early childhood. English has just 26 letters but many more sounds, and in order to read, children must learn to decode those letters and sounds into the correct words. Mastering decoding and reading will help children develop a lifelong love of books and learning.​ Phonics is a popular method for teaching reading that focuses on identifying and pronouncing sounds rather than letters. Children are taught to recognize the sounds of the letters as well as the letter combinations. Putting the sounds together...​  Read More

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