02 / 07 / 2020

Importance of Child Hygiene in the time of Coronavirus

Importance of Child Hygiene in the time of Coronavirus


‘Health is the greatest of all blessings.’



While it is true that we need a capable mind to survive in the global village, also known as the World, it is more important to have an active body. If we do not take care of our health, our mind would fail us because it would be left with no energy to perform to the best of its ability, for it would have to work overtime to compensate the loss of our vigour. Given the outbreak of new diseases borne by novel viruses in the environment such as the Coronavirus, it is remarkably imperative to take care of our health, for ourselves and our family, considering that is rapidly spreading across the globe and is well on its way to become a global health emergency.

With World Health Organization taking rampant steps to tackle the virus, here is how you can protect your children by maintaining hygiene around them-

1​. Educate the children

Awareness is always the first step towards change. Informing the children about the Coronavirus is essential, as it would lead to sensitisation and better prevention.  Explaining the need and purpose to have better hygiene would encourage children to maintain good habits.

2Go Basic

There might be a lot of fancy new products which advertise easy and quick hygiene for children, but it is always good to rely on the basics. Encourage children to wash hands properly and thoroughly, making sure to remove all dirt by using soap and water. It is also advised for children to keep a handkerchief and alcohol-based hand sanitizer with themselves, in case they have no access to soap or water. It is always better to have hygiene products handy, in case of an emergency. Also, motivating children to cover their mouth with their while coughing or sneezing is one of the best habits to prevent air borne, respiratory diseases. While you are at it, encourage children to cover their mouth (while sneezing or coughing) with a body part that seldom comes in contact with other people, such as the elbow crease, which would enable minimal spreading of germs.

3Positive reinforcement goes a long way!

Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, children forget to maintain hygiene. Rewarding positive behaviour such as display of good hygiene at home or in the classroom can inspire children to be at their best behaviour, hygiene wise. Cooking their favourite meal for maintaining hygiene, praising other members of the family for practising good hygiene or giving verbal encouragement can motivate the young ones to learn good habits. Children often don’t follow our words, but they follow our actions. Maintaining good habits ourselves would make children better citizens, in harmony with themselves and the world.

4Take a break

If you see your child getting the flu symptoms, keep the child at home and always seek medical help from a professional. It is always good to recover at home. Encourage a safe world for everyone, not just your child. Once the child recuperates, resume normal, daily routine.


Eye Level wishes you health and happiness!