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Mastery Approach to the English LanguageEye Level English provides a comprehensive literacy program in which
your child can develop core English language skills.

How Is Eye Level English Helpful for Mastery?

  • All-in-One English

    Build a solid foundation in literacy skills through targeted practice in grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing.

  • Blended learning

    Language skills gets fluent when combining online and offline learning. Maximize a synergy of learning at our digital-based learning platform.

  • Content knowledge

    Learning itself becomes interesting. Through extensive learning, students acquire content knowledge in a broad area including art, history, literature.

Build Foundation Step-By-StepWe begin by assessing where your child is now and devise a systematic learning plan just for your child.

  • Advanced
    Level 6~8
  • Intermediate
    Level H
    Level I
    Level 5
  • Upper Elementary
    Level E
    Level F
    Level G
  • Elementary
    Level B
    Level C
    Level D
  • Basic
    Level A

Learning ContentFind out the curriculum design of Eye Level English.

What Age Does This Program Target?Eye Level English is for 4~15 years old.

Hear What People Say About Us

My son comes from a non- English speaking background. But for his kindergarten speech, we were so surprised that he chose to deliver it in English! Thank you. You've really helped him like the language and do well in it.

In a few months after joining Eye Level, my son has developed an interest in writing and reading. He has picked up phonics skills which have helped him with spelling in school. As a parent, I am very happy to see such improvement!

Eye Level helped my child develop her self-confidence in speaking English, especially during her recitation, performance tasks, and other activities in school, while also teaching her to become more socially active.

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