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Is your child learning Math at their own level?If Not, Why don't You Try Our Level Test First?

Think Critically and Calculate ConfidentlyEye Level Math helps your child to build a solid foundation in Mathetmatics and develop problem-solving skills.

  • Basic Thinking Math

    It is a part of Eye Level's Math curriculum that focuses on building calculation skills and the immediate application of those skills. Through the Basic Thinking Math booklets and instructor's coaching, students learn and enhance basic Math skills similar to the arithmetic typically covered in school.

  • Critical Thinking Math

    There are five aspects of Eye Level Math's Critical Thinking Math program: Patterns & Relationships, Geometry, Problem Solving, Measurement, and Reasoning. Through Eye Level Math's Critical Thinking Math, students can cultivate problem-solving skills.

Learning ContentFind out the curriculum design of Eye Level Math.

How Does Eye Level Math Help Our Child?

  • Mastery Learning

    Students move on to the next level only if they have mastered all the preceding material.

  • Small-step approach

    By starting at the right level, students can follow up the curriculm effectively.

  • Various learning materials

    Through learning materials, students can develop understanding of each math concept.

What Age Does This Program Target?Eye Level Math is for 4~15 years old.

Hear What People Say About Us

My son, at the age of 12, is currently at level 24 for Basic Math and level 21 for Critical Thinking. His arithmetic skills is way advanced for children of his age. What I like about Eye Level is that the teachers continue to motivate him to love Math even more.

I enrolled in Eye Level Math to easily understand and be proficient in the subject. It helped me analyze things better. It's better to take Eye Level slowly while understanding the lesson completely, compared to rushing the topic and not understanding anything.

When I compare the worksheets from Eye Level side to side with other programs, I know immediately, Eye Level's ones are superior. The concepts are explained and the worksheets are organised and systematic.

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