What is Eye Level?

Eye Level is a supplemental education program originated from Korea 40 years ago and now has over 2 million children enrolled in 20 countries. Daekyo, its mother company, is one of the world’s leading companies in the education service market.
Catering to learners from ages 3 to 15, the ultimate goal of Eye Level is to nurture a lifelong learner, critical thinker, and problem solver who will be empowered to succeed at every level of formal education and beyond.

In more than 18 countries, Eye Level is offering franchise opportunities for its partners with an effective program, backed up by the headquarters’ strong business related support.

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Eye Level Brand

Eye Level expands children’s perspectives by encouraging them to become self-motivated, independent, and proactive learners.

Eye Level’s symbol is the form of both a keyhole and a child, and it represents Eye Level’s core education principles.


An object that the keyhole brings to mind is a key – the key to growth, success, and future. The image of a key is missing in Eye Level’s identity because children themselves are the key. It explains that children are growing as self-directed beings who solve problems by themselves through Eye Level’s self-directed education.

Children will follow the self-directed learning method as well as develop independent learning skills. Eye Level instructors will also be next to them providing guidance as they move throughout their individualized program.

At the end of the day, children will be independent, and proactive learners who are one step closer to their dreams.