NEWS United Kingdom
03 / 20 / 2020

New Online Coaching System






Health and safety are top priorities at Eye Level Learning Centres. Because of this, we have made exciting updates to our services to help our students continue learning and receiving guidance even if they are unable to visit the learning centre. 


We have launched a new virtual coaching platform that enables our Eye Level Instructors to provide your child the personalised 1-on-1 academic coaching you've come to expect. This face-to-face coaching platform can be accessed from any device, anywhere there is internet access. Participating learning centres will also be offering workbook drop off and pick up services to make learning and staying engaged at home as seamless as possible. 


Locations, times and dates will vary. Find a learning centre near you.


•    Face-to-face academic coaching with an Eye Level Instructor

•    Online system compatible with all devices 

•    Safety of working from home

•    Physical teaching materials complemented with an online component

•    No additional costs associated with online coaching system 

•    Maintain good study habits and retention of knowledge while away from school and the learning centre



Real-time video chat with your instructor.  

Workbook view allows your instructor to write and comment on a virtual copy of the book, enhancing the study session. 




Compatible with any device. Connect on your phone or tablet anywhere there is internet.