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Daekyo is a global educational services provider. Through continuous effort to develop a variety of a educational methods, Daekyo is helping students create a foundation for lifelong learning.

DAEKYO, Meets with World’s most talented people

A leading Player in the Global Education Service Industry.
Linking all aspects of the educational industry into one network is positioned to become a world-class educational service provider.

In 1976 Daekyo introduced a new teaching methodology called Eye Level , which has enjoyed increasing success to the present day. The Eye Level philosophy emphasizes individual learning, and teaching is adjusted to the performance level of each student. Daekyo employs a variety of educational methods that meet the rigorous demands of schools.

Daekyo has become a global educational services provider through continuous effort to develop a variety of educational methods that integrate online and offline programs, creating a foundation for the lifelong pursuit of learning. Daekyo has grown into Korea's top educational services provider, with approximately 2.4 million members in more than 16 countries, providing exceptional educational services and inspiring students to strive for excellence.
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