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The supplemental education market
provides a solid business opportunities.

Consultancy Agreement

Daekyo Support

Instructor’s Responsibilities

Daekyo Office

  • Create awareness to the public.
  • Provide the ongoing training.
  • Supply all the learning materials and administration materials.

Eye Level Center

  • Provide continuous instruction to all members.
  • Attend all trainings conducted by Daekyo’s Office
  • Carry out the professional image to the public.
  • Full Time Commitment towards being a Franchisee

Training and Support

Eye Level prides itself on providing its franchisees with thorough training and
comprehensive ongoing support.

All of our franchisees go through our seven-day training program prior to their location’s opening, during which they learn about:

  • The principles of the Eye Level program
  • Effective marketing of their Eye Level learning center
  • Key & Manager System (Learning Center Management System)
  • Eye Level Math, English Curriculum
  • Diagnostic testing and parent consulting
  • Learning center operations
  • Devising solid business plans
  • And more

After your learning center opens, our ongoing support includes

Our proprietary study materials
The Eye Level system features colorful, fun learning materials and an easy-to-implement modular learning system that can be arranged in function of each individual student.
Marketing subsidies
Eye Level helps each of its franchisees finance their most important marketing efforts.
Promotional tools and materials
Eye Level provides you with many of the creative materials you need to drive enrollment at your center.
Continued training
Even though our initial training program is comprehensive, training doesn’t stop there! Eye Level provides ongoing training to every franchisee so that they can brush up on the key skills it takes to grow the business and learn about new Eye Level programs and initiatives. Eye Level also organizes seminars and training programs for teachers and instructors.
Field consultant support
Support at Eye Level isn’t limited to phone calls and email. Each franchisee receives regular in-center visits from a field consultant who understands the local market and whose main objective is to help every franchisee grow his or her business.

At Eye Level, helping children learn isn’t just good business, it also empowers the next generation for a truly bright future.