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"We’ll be enhancing our educational competitiveness to
become a global company through a philosophy of
human-centered management."

Message from the chairman

Since its foundation in 1976, Daekyo has established a new era in the childhood education industry with our Noonnoppi education philosophy.

With our philosophy, we think and teach at age appropriate levels for children, Daekyo is forging a new path in education. We continuously strive to become a global education service leader by developing new educational services to create a lifelong education service system, and creating an excellent educational environment that effectively combines on- and offline resources.

Furthermore, we are fulfilling our corporate responsibilities to realize our vision - sound individuals, sound families, and a sound society through a philosophy of human-centered management. With this humanistic philosophy, we at Daekyo will do our best to become a global education service company that can fulfill our corporate responsibilities.
Thank you.

Kang Young-joong sing
Chairman Kang Young-joong

You are invited to take a look at Chairman Kang Yeong-joong’s Autobiography

Chairman Youngjoong Kang is often touted as the ‘pioneer of the workbook market.’ He also founded the educational business group Daekyo and has been the President of the Badminton World Federation (BWF). Chairman Kang Today, he is also the President of Korea Scout Association.
To those who dream of success, and to those who wish to pursue a life that promises more freedom and fulfillment, this book offers a foolproof tool called ‘learning.’

Chairman Kang outlines six virtues that a learner-individual must possess: 1) diehard ‘attitude’ of competitiveness; 2) ‘humility’ that conditions us against conceit; 3) ‘principles’ that guard against temptation; 4) ‘passion’ acquired through the spirit of sportsmanship; 5) ‘possibility’ as the power that helps to achieve goals, and; 6) ‘effort’ as the only force that can defeat natural talent.

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