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Eye Level Math helps improve problems-solving skills by enabling them to master concepts through a small step approach.

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Students experience practical applications in mathematics by solving applied
mathematical problems using Eye Level Math Learning Materials.

  • Numerical Figures

    Numerical Figures assist in developing the concepts of number and quantity.

  • Blocks and Shapes

    Blocks and Shapes assist in developing depth perception by matching and finding the location of various shapes.

  • Clear Paper

    Clear Paper is used to trace and copy various shapes. This helps students to develop their mental skills in relation to depth perception and location.

  • Colored Blocks

    Colored Blocks assist in the understanding of numbers as well as length. As students manipulate Colored Blocks, they develop their perception of depth and location.

  • Mirror

    Mirror activities require students to draw shapes symmetrically. This forms the basis for line symmetry that will be introduced in future studies.

  • Wooden Blocks

    The manipulation of Wooden Blocks enables students to learn depth perception, location, and spatial relationships. This is crucial in the development of critical and analytical thinking skills.

  • Thinking Bricks

    Thinking Bricks consist of three cuboids that can be used to stack up the bricks. (5 pieces, 2 sets)

  • Thinking Pentos

    Thinking Pentos are used to build a model built by putting the sides of unit squares together. (12 pieces)

  • Thinking Cubes

    Thinking Cubes are used to build a model that comprises the figures with concave surface built by putting together the faces of 3 or 4 cubes. (7 pieces)

Eye Level Math Materials

  • Basic Thinking Math

  • Critical Thinking Math

Eye Level English Materials List
Levels 1-23 Numerical Figures, Blocks and Shapes, Clear Paper, Colored Blocks, Mirror, and Wooden Blocks
Levels 24-32 Thinking Bricks, Thinking Pentos, and Thinking Cubes