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Meet Daekyo, Eye Level’s parent company.

Daekyo, the parent company of Eye Level, is one of the world’s leading education brands with over 2.5 million subjects enrolled worldwide.

Daekyo was founded in South Korea in 1976 by Young Joong Kang, PhD. Over the next 20 years, Dr. Kang’s fresh approach to supplemental education would transform the industry. By 1999, Daekyo was the most recognized education brand in South Korea. Daekyo began franchising in the United States in 1991, and introduced the name Eye Level in 2003 for global branding. Eye Level was ranked #89 in Enterprise’s Franchise 500 in 2011. With the support, services and materials provided by Daekyo, Eye Level franchisees across the country have made their business ownership dreams a reality.

The Eye Level Distinction

Multi-Unit Availability
Unlike many other franchise concepts in the supplemental education sector, Eye Level is proud to be able to welcome new franchisees interested in both single-unit and multi-unit opportunities. While similar concepts limit franchisees to a single unit, Eye Level franchisees are able to grow by starting with multiple units and/or by adding more units as their business expands. Multi-unit franchise opportunities with Eye Level are available in almost all markets. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in learning about multi-unit opportunities in your area.
Protected Territories
Because we believe that highly successful franchisees are the key to the continued success of the Eye Level system, we work with each individual franchisee to develop a protected territory that makes sense for his or her geography and growth goals. Unlike with other supplemental education concepts, Eye Level franchisees are able to take control of their own growth and develop their own market through protected territories. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about developing a protected territory in your area.
Superior Product
  • Eye-level Philosophy

    One of the reasons for Eye Level’s rapid growth is efficacy of the Eye Level approach. It not only works for students, but it makes learning fun!

    Dr. Kang’s key insight was to create an approach to skills mastery that took the individual student’s point of view as the foundation for all learning. As a result, the Eye Level method teaches students based on their own eye-level view of the material, and is based on the educational principle of self-directed learning.
  • Critical Thinking

    One of the key Eye Level distinctions is our curricular emphasis on developing critical thinking ability. Our curriculum for critical thinking development is one of the reasons families become so loyal to the Eye Level program.
  • Eye Level Programs

    Eye Level Math
    The Eye Level math program has two main curricular branches: Basic Thinking Math, and Critical Thinking Math. Basic Thinking Math is a modular learning series that helps students master the language of math and essential applications. Critical Thinking Math focuses on developing the key analytical abilities that will make students better lifelong math learners.
    Eye Level English
    The innovative Eye Level English program was developed by members of the faculties of Columbia University and UCLA, a group of K-12 teachers, and the Eye Level research and development team. The focus of the program is integrating the process of learning to read with the pleasure of reading to learn.
Learn how joining Eye Level can make a difference in your life - and in the lives of children. Contact us for more information about this inspiring opportunity.