Our History

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Founded Daekyo Co., Ltd.

  • 1991
    Daekyo America founded

  • 1993
    Daekyo membership surpassed the one million mark

  • 1996
    Daekyo moved to Noonnoppi Boramae Center, the new headquarters building

  • 2003
    Launched E.nopi brand

  • 2004
    Listed on Korea Stock Exchange

  • 2009
    Middle school grade 1 and 2 textbooks evaluated as a standard textbook (10 kinds)

  • 2009
    Ranked first in the Korean Brand Power Index
    (K-BPI) for 12 consecutive years.

  • 2010
    Daekyo Singapore(Subsidiary) founded

Daekyo’s awards history

  • Ranked first in the Korea’s Most Respected Companies (KMAC) (2011, education service sector)
  • Won the Customer Satisfaction Management Award for 2 consecutive years. (KMAC)
    (2009-2010, among all sectors)
  • Eye Level ranked first in the Brand Power of Korean Industry for 13 consecutive years. (KMAC)
    (1999-2011, home-study materials section)
  • Ranked first in the Companies Most Recommended by Customers. (KMAC)
    (2010, home-study material section)
  • Daekyo Eye Level Tops Korean Customer Satisfaction Index by KMAC
    (2010, Home-study Material Category)
  • Noted for its Excellent Call Center in the Service Quality Index of Korean Industry for 4 consecutive years. (KMAC) (2008-2011)
  • Won the Best Education Company Chosen by Parents for 6 consecutive years. (Women’s News) (2006-2011, home-study materials section)